Make Alcohol Inks at home, Cheap & Easy!

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Hey there,

I love to make multi-media art, it’s been my “new” thing for the past 8 years.

What is multi-media art you ask? Its using many different kinds of media to make a piece of art with. For example, I like to use acrylic paints, permanent pens, china pencils, and alcohol inks together.

The reason I enjoy doing it? Because it’s a challenge, there are always new techniques, along with new and exciting products to play with.

One of the first products I bought were alcohol inks. You can spend a lot of money on this little bottles. I know I sure did, until I experimented and came up with a 2 super simple and inexpensive ways to make them at home.

#1 Acrylic Paint Alcohol Ink

-A little spray bottle - you can purchase 2oz. spray bottles on, fairly cheaply.

-Rubbing alcohol


-Acrylic Paint - the little bottles of craft paint work great.

-(optional) If you want to add some shimmer, scrape some old eye shadow or blush, into a bowl, grind it up into a very fine powder.

Eye shadows and other sparkly makeup are made with the mineral, mica. You can purchase mica in many colors, on

How to make

-Squirt some paint into the spray bottle, about ½ teaspoon. I never measure, I just squirt some paint in. Not too much though, or it will be too thick to go through the sprayer.

-Now pour the alcohol in till it’s about ¾ full.

-Add water till its full, that’s it!

-(optional) scrape in a bit of the sparkly mica if you like.

-Then twist the top on the bottle, shake it up really well.

Shake it before each use.

#2 Felt Pen Alcohol Ink

-Felt Pen Markers- Sharpies work best


-Scissors, pliers

-Little spray bottles

-Rubber gloves

How to Make

-Put on your gloves, trust me, otherwise you will have ink stained fingers.

-Use the pliers to pull the felt from inside the marker. This might take a bit of muscle.

-Use the scissors to cut the felt into smaller pieces that can fit inside your bottle, DONT take the felt out of the plastic sleeve. The sleeve keeps the the felt from expanding and its really hard to take the "fluffy felt" out of the bottle.

-Now add Alcohol, let it set for a few minutes. The longer the felt sits in the alcohol the stronger the color.

-Your set!

Yep, that’s it! Easy-peasy!! And it’s great cause you can make your own custom colors, and you can make them as “weak” or as condensed as you like.

Have fun and keep creating!

Marsallai Quick


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